Great spring day!

Today was a great day! I really enjoyed myself.

Getting up was hard (summer time kicked in today) but then I saw the sun shining outside. I had a nice bikeride to the abbey church a bit further here for church.
After some more relaxing in the sun in the sofa Jan and I decided to go for a walk rather than finishing the plastering in the basement. We need to still work a lot in our house but we can't work all the time. He showed me some parts of Leuven that I did not know yet: the small beguinage, the Sint Geertrui church and abbey, .... Leuven is a nice city especially on a sunny day in the beginning in spring?
After the walk we cleaned the house together (thank goodness I did not have to do it on my own, .... a house in renovations is a constant battle against dust :( ) . Wonderful to be able to walk around in an almost entirly clean house!!

And then Jan took me out for dinner to the trendy Turkish mezze restaurant a bit further : Turquoise. I can recommend it, very good food and nice interior and friendly hardworking people!!!!

And now there rest us a couple of hours in the sofa to crash in front of the tv :). Nice!


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