Adventures in babysitting

Sunday was a sunny day full of new adventures for me:

* I tasted patoto/vegetables/chicken mash for the first time since probably 28 years? And a couple of hours later some fruitsalad.
* We waved 100 times to an invisible object in the clear blue sky "nam"...which turned out to be the moon
* We also waved to many airplanes going by high in the sky.
* We mastered the skill of putting empty toilet roles over a stick and swinging it around
* We did the spectacular activity of bird spotting
* I put a baby in bed in the middle of the afternoon without any protest
* I drove around with a toddler in my car for the very first time and had the experience of having all views commented by my little passenger. "Cow" "Car" "Car" "Sheep" "Car auntie Ellen" , alternated with some soft humming and some whining when the teddybears had fallen.
* I managed to deliver a clean, dressed up, happy toddler at his mommy and daddy at an ongoing communion party.


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