April's inventory

  • BBQ's : yes (3 of them already!)
  • Evenings late outside in top: yes
  • Days with airco on in the office: yes because it was 29C inside without it!
  • Been in a traffic jam on the highway towards the coast: yes
  • Been to the beach: yes
  • Have needed my sunglasses: yes
  • Have needed sunscreen : yes
  • Has rained: no not a single drop in 30 days!

Average temperage this month was almost 4,5 C higher than normal up to :14,5C versus 9C. The 'high' day temperatures are even more than 7 C higher than normal. And in almost 200 years it has never , ever happened that a full month had no rain at all.

Just to confirm: I was in Belgium al along . What an absurd month, but I've enjoyed it very much.


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