Phonecalls late in the evening are not to be trusted, unless they come from Jan. Jan dares to phone me until midnight or after, trusting that I'll put my mobile on silent when I go to bed.

But other people that ring on the normal telephone...that is not good and it wasn't this time either. An old friend of my parent's has unexpectedly died. Someone I've know quite well myself as long as I lived at home. He was all of his life my parent's garage dealer, he has taught all of us (my dad, my mom, my sister and I) to drive a car and I often have to think about him still when driving and some lessons he taught us.

He was a huge man, I mean litterally...if he has been in the driver's seat it was all the way back! ...He was an intelligent man studying law and other subjects in his spare time and discussing multiple topics with us over a cup of coffee after our driving lessons.
He had the most impossible messy garage you can imagine but he knew the whereabouts of every document.

Some people you judge immortal, but apparently they aren't. It's hard to believe some people are all of a sudden gone.


Allie said…
AWh ... Sorry to hear of your loss Ellen. I think no matter who the person in your life is that you lose, it will always come as a sadden shock.

Sending great big hugs to you!!

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