Summer fan

I don't get people who do not think summer is their favourite season. How can it not be? Personally i cannot doubt it at all: people go outdoors, you get to see more people, people relax more (having a drink on a terrace, going to outdoor music festivals, ...) , you get a tan, you can wear light clothes, the flowers and trees are all flourishing, ...
I simply love the sun, it gives so much energy and joy!

After a couple of meals outside in our little garden the last days, we went to look for some real garden furniture: a teak table and some chairs. It was quite busy in all garden centers and some models were even sold out due to the execptional hot weather we are still experiencing. But we found some that we really really liked from G&S teak. They look more modern than most chairs we've seen. Can't wait until they are delivered to us next Thursday.


sari said…
You know, living in the desert, summer is NOT my favorite season, because it's six months of the year! ha ha

I spent about five of my "growing up" years in Nebraska - I love Fall. Fall is perfect, the air starts to get crisp, the tree leaves start their beautiful color change. Jeans and tshirts and maybe flannel shirts or light sweaters - my favorite time of year. I would love it if it were the clear, crisp weather of fall all year, before winters greys set it.

But I can see the lure of a nice beautiful summer, just not here! ha ha (FYI - it's 43'Celsius - 49' C here in the summer - HOT!)

Goofball said…
Hi Sari

hmm yes I can see you point there. When writing my remark down, i didn't really picture a desert with > 40C temperatures. :). A normal summer here has temperatures between 20 and 30 C, other seasons have less.

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