The treasure of books

Another phase in my integration in Leuven: I became member of the local city library. And that's good and bad news for my mother. She is now almost(*) dismissed from her book returning duty. I drop off my finished books at home and my mom returns them then to the library. BUt now she cannot start reading in my returned books either. Mom, you'll have to go and check yourself when a new book of Isabel Allende has arrived!

Don't you love going to libraries? All the books are there holding so many promises for many sweet or thrilling or moving hours of stories. Their titles, their looks, ... they all hold mysteries. You never know before you start reading yourself! Will I like the book, will it mesmerize me or will I get bored? The books make you dream of far destinations, heroes and interesting life stories, historic events, ... You meet new characters, etc... The section with travel guides is next to the novels, the best part of the library

Switching libraries is confusing though: exciting to enter and discover this new place and its treasures, confusing due to the new environment where I don't know immediately where Michael Connelly or Sinoué or ... other authors are standing, sad to miss the familiar library where I spent so much time (including 4 summerjobs).

I actually don't go very often to the library anymore since I am always very "bookhungry" and too enthusiastic and I usually leave with a huge pile of books :p. However I don't have the time to read many or them quickly, so despite many good intentions, I do not return regularly to the library. To be honest, the last years I went 2-3 times a year to the library, came out with the max number of books on my card (10) and then needed the full max prolonged period that I could keep them (6 months). In leuven I can max prolong my books twice so that's not even 3 months and I can take out 20 books on my card. Hmm I'll either have to speed up my reading speed by 4 or I'll have to learn to take out less books at once!

I am always reading a book though, can't be without one. And I always carry it with me in the car to work and back... you just never know that I hit a big boring non moving traffic jam. It has happened before that I've read some dozens of pages in the car! But in smooth traffic days, I do not progress in books quickly.

(*) 2 more books on its way, mom! One will arrive this weekend


jenn in holland said…
Me too! I love books and love to have them around.
Love, Love, Love the library as well!
sari said…
I love the library as well, though lately I've just been reading books I own that I haven't gotten to yet.

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