Cooking weekend

Without any doubt, Jan is the chef in our house. He's a far better cook than I am, he can make up recipes from the heart, and by the time I get organised, he has already a tasty meal ready.
I don't cook very often anymore and I regret that. On the other hand when I get the chance to cook for myself on weekdays, I feel too tired and I am all to happy when I find something in to warm up: Jan's left-overs, a ready-to-go meal, something really quick to bake.

This weekend I really felt the urge to really cook a meal again. A long walk through Leuven on Saturday only increased that feeling: we snooped around in Oil & Vinigar and tasted some really good oils and got seduced by the tomato balsamic. Then on the market we couldn't walk by the olive stand without buying. Mmmm, the look alone of those piles of different olives! And afterwards Jan pointed a very good fishstore and a very good cheese store in town. Always good to know!

And then it was my turn. A spicy Thaï chicken soup, a warm Marrocan aubergine salad (I can recommend the recipe!! Very refreshing with lemon juice, koriander and cumin!) and pork chops. Tonight I really wanted to try the tajine and the Maroccan cookingbook that I received last week from my friends. The first try was already a good one: lamb tajine with dades and couscous. Mmmm tastes like more. I think Jan 'll have to get used to me cooking now and then again :-) especially now we are getting more time in weekends with less renovations to finish. It was fun, but I know myself: no extensive cooking on weekdays, I fear.


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