Crap oh Crap bis

After 10 days we had a scheduled appointment to fix our fridge. I managed to work from home because the 'nice' 'friendly' lady of customer service at our supplier, could not tell me at all when the technician would come by. 'Between 8u - 17u'. It took actually 2 days to schedule the appointment because they needed every possible number stickered inside the fridge before the appointment could be made. You wonder why foreigners hate the European customer service , huh?

Anyway shortly after noon, a young and friendly technician came by. At least he didn't share the rudeness of his telephonic colleagues. But my fear came through: he could not fix it this time. He was missing a little plastic part that had been broken off. I would think that if you have to give production date, series number, type number, .... and you tell them the hinge has broken off...I would think they'd bring all the parts. I must be an overly demanding person since it was not the case. Grrrr.

So after surviving 10 days with our little fridge in the basement and room temperature drinks, we have to wait one more week before he comes back. Pfffffffffffff. Oh well an extra week won't really matter anymore, will it?


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