Crap oh crap

Crap oh crap. That is a slight eufemism to express what we thought and said when our fridge door broke off. No I am not kidding: our fridge door BROKE OFF!

With hindsight the door started squeeking one or 2 weeks ago. And this weekend the door didn't close well anymore. We seemed to need to lift it a bit and try a couple of times before it really closed. It just got worse and worse and on Monday and it was quite visible that the hinge below was loose and the door could just wiggle and was hanging downwards when open. While Jan was checking what was wrong, all of a sudden the door came loose and he was holding it in his hands.

Crap oh crap.

So what do you do when your fridge door breaks off? You curse, you panick, you stress and you have no clue how to solve it. And you curse and stress some more.

Now we are waiting until tomorrow when we can call some technicians. Today was Labour Day so we didn't even have to try to start phoning. Fortunately we still had a little left-over fridge in the basement that after a year of inactivity was willing to help us out. All commonly needed and most temperature sensitive stuff got in there and we managed to put the solitaire door back in front of the fridge sealing it off. But I can't open it without it falling down I won't.

Crap oh crap. Sigh.


Jenn in Holland said…
Oh crap indeed!
Our refrigerator door needs to be moved so it opens from the opposite side, but I have been hesitant to do it for just this reason. I don't want to be standing in my kitchen holding the kitchen door and have no way to put it back on!
I hope you find some help quick today and get it all worked out!
That is too bad!! I accidentally unplugged mine yesterday. Found out today when someone pointed out the water on the floor. oops!

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