Delurkingweek in Belgium

In January I read this on Betsy's blog and I had no clue what she was talking about. 'Delurking' what a creepy monster was that? By the time I had consulted my dictionnaries, the delurking week was over.

And now I meet this banner on some Belgian blogs. Cool, now I am not too late to join in. Because I am very curious to know as well who visits my blog anonymously.

So all my friends, relatives, neighbours, (ex-)colleagues, shy people, passers by, fans, secret readers, ... you are very welcome to leave a comment just for once so I know you are reading along. Just a hi or hello with your (nick)name is enough although all other remarks are welcome too. It's easy to do : click on the "goofy remarks" below this post and type your comment.

And those who want to join in the delurking week, you're welcome to join Zezunja's initiative!


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