Eurovision kitch festival final

Well after all my blogging activity on Thursday I ought maybe write something about the final as well. Only that's a bit hard since I hardly saw it. We were visiting Jan's aunt at that moment and the tv was on but we were at the table, so I could only get a few impressions.

And my impressions was: we had everything possible there: brassband music (Germany?), popdance (Russia), classical music (Latvia, Slovenia), Rhythm (Bulgaria), regional predictable stereotypes (Greece, Turkey), kitch contentless popsongs (UK), folk (Ireland), and the most horrible undefineble freak circus of Ukraine. There were some things that I liked eg the simple honest song of Hungary, the always catching Turkish rythms , ...
I totally missed the winning song of Serbia and when listening to it now on the radio it doesn't get me hot or cold.
...something that can be said of the entire show. Somehow I am always curious and at the same time bored and a bit frustrated by the uncomprehensible voting results. But it's ok to follow it just once a year. Thank God, only once a year.


Lavender said…
LOL at your comment re: the Ukraine entry! They were actually my pick for the finals, maybe I just like things things on the UBER-kitsch side...anyhow, I thought Beligium should have at least made it to the finals, heres hoping better for next year, Cheers!

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