We're minimalistic

Recently I got a comment that our bedroom looked nice minimalistic. That is actually one of the things I am most proud of in our renovations. Fortunately Jan and I share the same taste and rarely ever have discussions on the style we want to decorate our house in. When snooping around in magazines or stores we curl up our nose over the same things and we stop to look for mostly the same things. Whenever we make choice we try to consistently go for strict lines in our house.

Here's some of the cool spots in our house:


leen said…
wow, 't is echt mooi geworden!
That's a pretty nice house!! I personally like the minamalism. It gives a nice light feeling.
sari said…
I love the green. I am no good at minimalistic, though I like it.

I'm too much of a clutter-bug. I can't help myself, though I try.
Even though this is not my preferred style, I really very much admire what you have done. It looks very elegant! I love the touch of green paint too.

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