What a great place to live

Hey Julia, I am jealous! You live in the best city in the world to live in (source Economist Intelligence Unit)!
Hey Allie, Calgary is doing very well also in the top 10! Way to go, Canada, 3 cities in the top 10....should I get homesick again? Should we move?

Brussels is 28th place in the world, but I am sure Leuven is a better place to live than Brussels ;). And according to Mercer, Brussels is the 14th best city already. So I guess I am not too bad off either. But it probably can't beat Vancouver!


Allie said…
Na ... I am very surprised that Calgary even made the list. The cost of living is getting attrocious as is trying to nagivate your way around the city. Not to mention the weather, lack of recycling and ease of spending your money on all of the fabulous shopping available ... :P

Having said that, I do like living in Calgary for there is plenty to do for activites and recreation.

Would I move? Yep. In a heartbeat. I am a small town girl at heart and would love to get back into a smaller community atmosphere. So ... Okotoks here I come!! (that is about 10 minutes from Calgary hee hee hee)
I have never been to any of those cities but I'm pretty excited to have just moved to the tampa, FL area!
the link just goes to blobb... was it Vancouver that was the best city to live in?? In that case I would have to say HAH! I disagree. I wonder what the qualifiers were for that.
Goofball said…
Hi Stacey,

thanks for pointing out that the link was incorrect. it is now corrected.

yes, Vancouver was on top of the list. I wouldn't mind living there: very multicultural, nature closeby: ocean and mountains, culture, not too much traffic chaos (not more than other capitals!), good shopping, ... :)
I guess I was getting technical though - The area around Vancouver (and Vancouver Island) for me is the best place to live. I just picture the city itself and have lived in some not-so nice areas of that city before.. plus it rains there a lot. Since I live so close to it we get a little prejudiced about the big city!

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