Challenging schedule

Since I moved to Leuven last winter, I realise I need to get to know local people and make my own friends beside the friends that Jan already has here...And although I love just getting home and cocoon in the cosyness of our home while relaxing after a long busy day at work, I realise you don't make friends in your sofa.

So I started Yoga classes already last year and I still enjoy them very much, but it's not quite the place where you can chitchat a lot with the other people. Besides, I am far the youngest there so it seems. After playing the flute for many many years in the youth choir of my home town, I missed not being active with music anymore in the last years. So I had set a goal of searching a fun young choir in Leuven to join. I am not striving for a perfectionist classy performing choir, since I am not a trained singer at all, but an enthousiastic group of young people to drag me along in their fun. And so I did at the end of september...after 4 rehearsals, I must say that I am starting to get the hang of things, start to finally remember a few names etc. It's really fun and I am very glad that I can make music again, this time with my voice. wooohooo.

But my physical condition still is totally unexistant as was proven multiple times last summer. I really really must do some sports. Not more sports...just some sports. It's a bit shamefull to not being able to bike a lot around here since I always have to ride uphill getting home and I get totally out of breath while those thousands of students just race by me easily on their bikes. Jan joined a diving club last September but that one test lesson had scared me off. Those people are sooo not in my league (well I suppose I am not in their league rather than the opposite). After their warm-up training I had to crawl out of the bad with heavy cramps in my legs and toes.
But seeing Jan happily leave each weekend, made me realise that I wasn't going to get any better sitting at home waiting for him to get home either. After weeks of hesitating (emotionally I am demotivated by the knowledge to be so much worse than the others / rationally I know I need that training and that I can only get better) ...I joined the diving club last weekend as well. So if you ever come on over and watch the training: I am the one peddling 1-2 lenghts behind the others in a clearly different style as well.

And I also started aerobics again , something I did enjoy when living in Ghent.

Hmmm aerobics, choir, yoga, diving club swim schedule is getting quite filled up! It might get a bit more quiet on here now and then but I think all these things are good for me. So wish me luck in all my new hobbies!!


anno said…
This does sound like a challenging schedule... but fun, too -- hope you enjoy them all!
Those all sound like great fun. I wish we still had aerobics classes, now they're mostly step aerobics, which I can't really do. What I LOVE to do and really need to find a class for, is NIA.
sari said…
Good for you, getting involved. It's hard to reach out like that, I wish you the best!

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