Escape from the Dutch invasion

Yesterday evening there was a concert from Frans Bauer in the sporthall around the corner. Already from the morning we saw a whole bunch of Dutch trucks lined up, installing power generators, sound and light systems etc... Both Jan and I were scared that they'd be playing a famous song already when walking by towards the swimming pools, a song that would stick in our heads all day long. Well, for me it was too late anyway. The entire afternoon the most 'wrong' song you can think off 'Heb je even voor mij', was in my head where my body got tempted to start a polonaise dans on my own through the house.

I was quite thankfull that my friend Sofie had planned her yearly birthday party on the same evening so we could escape all Bauer fans in the neighbourhood :p. An evening in good company of friends, lots of food, alcohol and lots of silly jokes. At the end of the evening I was laughing my head off until I was crying and my belly was sore. I didn't even know what I was laughing about anymore, but I couldn't stop. Awesome :). Just like when Sofie or Sandra and I were on vacation together! Oooooh and now we've booked another vacation the 4 of us to go diving again in Egypt next spring. fun times ahead of us...and lots of laughter I hope :)


That sounds wonderful! It's so much fun when you find great travel companions!
Anonymous said…
Je mag al een wekelijkse afspraak in je agenda zetten om kaak- en buikspieren te trainen hoor!
En voldoende papieren zakdoeken meedoen op reis om de lachtranen te drogen :-)

Betsy said…
Frans Bauer? Blech! He's so awful-- I just don't get the hype!

Michiel has been playing the "Toppers" CD a lot lately. (With Gerard Yolink, Rene Froger and Gordon) Double yuck. I don't get that one either...

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