Invitation to pay

The city of Leuven has sent me an 'invitation to pay' my parking ticket....does that mean I can refuse?
"Oh well, it's rather inconvenient right now, maybe another time. But thanks anyway!".

And why do tickets take one week to arrive in the mail on your payment due date?


Yes, I would decline that invitation for sure!! ;)
anno said…
How polite! I would decline that one as well... and then probably end up paying the late fee penalty as well after receiving a far less politely worded "invitation."

At least you received it in time to avoid a late payment penalty...
Yes, I agree, by all means decline, but you could send a note back inviting them to coffee or a walk instead. ;-)
sari said…
An invitation does sound like it leaves you the option to not pay, doesn't it??

Rebecca said…
Yes, I agree with Jen and Anno - decline, politely of course - and suggest an alternative!
Allie said…
Hmm ... can't Jan hack into the parking ticket system with his special techy card and discretely RSVP a decline for you? That way you could ask why you were invited to this special occasion in the first place ... :P
Goofball said…
sorry to disappoint you all, but I am not as adventurous as you all suggest...I've nicely paid my fine before the due date. No risks taken and all discussion avoided.

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