My excuse to be a couch potato this weekend.

When I wake up with a soar throat, I know something more is coming up. Soar throats are an omen for me, not just for the soar throat but for more to come. When I felt desperately tired after a good night of sleep, I knew for sure that I wouldn't be up to much this weekend. It was just a matter of waiting until that cold would break through. Those are in fact the worst moments: just before your nose starts running and you start sneezing when the pressure is building up in your head. Well also the first hours of continuous nose running and blowing are pretty tough, when you can only breath through your mouth.

I went back to bed for a couple of more hours and have spent a fairly quiet afternoon. In the mean time the nose running has started and I seem to have a brain that only consists of snot anymore as thinking is hard.
....oh well, this is a phase that will pass and then the cold will get easier and by the end of the week I am probably coughing my lungs out and then I am done and over with it. But not yet.

so sorry but I won't post any SOS this week. Not with this current fluid brain of mine ;). But you can always visit Brillig or walking kateastrophe, to find the other participants.


Carol said…
Oh no... I can SOOOO relate! I just posted something similar about my horrible allergies.

I hope you feel better soon!

Yuck! I hope you feel better soon!
anno said…
I'm so sorry -- hope you feel better soon!
Yes, feel better... maybe we caught your cold or you caught ours?

I have that same sore throat pattern... the harbinger of illness. Yuck.

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