roadworks, help

aaaaah help, there are roadworks going on in front of our door for the next 2 nights! Yes, nights...they have to close of a major crosspoint so it's happening at night. And it's loud, very loud. And I feel the floor trembling slightly from the heavy machinery.

Help, I want to go to sleep but I don't know how I will sleep the next two nights. And I have some demanding days at work ahead. Perfect! :(. Too bad we don't have our new windows yet with double glass. I'll have to do with the old single glass of the old house and some earplugs.


Update on 11/10/2007: They actually progress well and stopped working just before 1 AM. So it was a shorter night, but yet I did have a couple of hours of solid sleep. I had a few coffees at work and I am alive and kicking! Lets hope they speed up tonight as well and then 2 weeks of work will be all over. Yihaa.

Thanks for your sympathy!!!


anno said…
Gah! Sounds like time to move into a cozy inn close to work for the next few days. Any chance?
david santos said…
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Oh, that sounds miserable. I'm a grouch today just because I was up in the middle of the night for two hours with my son... but I could at least get back to sleep. I hope that you get some real sleep, soon. I second Anno's remarks!

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