Sad day, disappointing day

Since April I had been looking forward to October 9th because we'd be going to the Police. Wooohoo Jan had surprised me and he had somehow managed to get tickets for us despite the incredible speed that the concerts in Antwerp had sold out.

However the day would not be totally a happy one. Last week my mom sent me an sms during my choir rehearsal (phone was off) with the unhappy tiding that my uncle had passed away. My dad is a lot younger than his sisters, so his brother-in-law was already of high age and widower. Nevertheless he was quite ok and still lived at home in his own house where he was being spoiled daily by his four daughters hopping by to help him run the household. Suffering from a cold that troubled his breathing a bit the last week, he had still spent an evening with his family together and then passed away peacefully in his sleep the next morning. He had just celebrated 6 weeks ago the birth of his 6th greath-grandchild.

Today I attended his very serene and beautiful funeral with live harp music, where the entire family gathered as well as for the traditional meal afterwards (is that a Belgian thing: the family has a meal together after a funeral?). Despite the sad occasion, it was good to see them all again and to be gathered to support each other.

While driving from the cemetary to the restaurant, I heard in the news that the concert of the Police had been cancelled tonight since Sting suffers from severe voice problems. Oh crap! what a disappointment. I had hoped that something cheerful would end this sad day, but I guess not. Let's hope they reschedule a new concert, rather than refunding us the tickets, because I was really looking forward to seeing The Police. Jan was already joking that this could end up being the cheapest birthday present he has ever bought me. Well that could make me laugh anyway today.


Carol said…
I'm so sorry about your uncle! It almost sounds like he knew it was his time...

And the Police seem to just cause problems all around! Remember when their concert meant traffic jams all over Seattle?! (

Jenn said…
Sending good thoughts your way.... I know bad days SUCK

anno said…
I'm sorry to hear about your uncle! Wishing you well...
I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle! I'm glad though that he died peacefully with so much love in his life and that you all could be together. Here we have so many different ways of being together after a death, and a lot depends on your cultural background, so there's no "one" tradition.

I hope the Police end up rescheduling.

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