ARgh, it happened again....different URL, same lay-out, same theft. Bastards hiding behind machines. pfff.


Allie said…
What? Okay Ellen - I am so very lost here. I don't get it. Are these people taking your story and using it as their own? Help me out there I am so very lost. :(

When are you going to fast forward and talk about that fabulous RYLA camp???????????
Goofball said…
Hi Allie,

yes it is someone who fills his own blog with articles that he takes from other blogs. In this last case my blog was mentioned below as a source. nevertheless I think I deal with the same group of sites: they all look the same, they all deal about travel, they all are in German. I assume he/she searches with some kind of tool through blogs looking for specific key words (for travel). Then he fills his own blog, links from one site to the other (so the technorati scores are boosted), and they probably try to optimise the blogs so that they come up in search results. And the blog is full of adds.

...as a result they earn money with the posts that get copied from other blogs.

RYLA?? well that was a faboulous time but not really a SOS story, no? Unless you remember things from 99 that I don't anymore?

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