Tram 3

Since this morning I have to put a 3 as first digit of my age. Or tram 3 came by , as we say in Dutch. Hmm sounds quite differently. It sounds so " mature adult"...I guess I am an "adult" right since those students downtown look so young to me :p. 30 something isn't 20 something anymore, the period in which you study and start working and still need to make so many life choices and where you can still do lots of silly things. 30 something seems the period that you are settling down. I feel pretty settled down though without the need of too many silly things anymore. "not too many", I said ;).

Anyway, I not much planned this weekend except going out for some drinks with one of my best friends. And that's fine, I like having a blank agenda that can be filled up as it goes. And I don't want to let this go by just like that either...I just didn't get organised in time to have a true party. So that'll have to happen later on in a couple of weeks.

Oh yes, and we're going to see the concert of The Police on Tuesday. That was an early birthday present. Yeah, Sting and his buddies saw on the calender that it was my 30th birthday and they decided to come and celebrate with me. Be jealous!!!!!!


Carol said…
Happy birthday!! Ah, how I wish my age began with a 3!

anno said…
Happy birthday! 30 is a great decade -- enjoy!
Jen said…
Happy B'day!!! Oh, and I am jealous - I love The Police!

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