One our previous governments (a long time ago you know, when Belgium still had federal governments ) was really into e-government. And Leuven always wants to be a pilot in any project. As a result Jan was one of the first Belgians receiving his electronical ID with electro chip and computer card reader that would give him access to to be developed online applications.

Years later, the chip from his ID simply fell out. He applied for a new ID and all was solved.

Today he received another card reader, as an appology! Wow now we have 3 card readers in the house. So if we have a visitor in the house with another electronical ID, we can all access our civil records in the database of the federal government at the same time! Fun fun fun , who needs more entertainment :p


LOL, Goofball! It's so fascinating to read about the bureaucracy in other places.

Ann Arbor loves to be on the forefront of things, too. ;-)
Allie said…
Oooohhhh ..... does that mean that you can research dirt up on your neighbours? How fun could that be?
anno said…
Your government sounds about as efficient as ours. Might be worth checking the information they have on file about you...

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