Varnish and waffles

Last weekend we varnished our bathroom floor. After 1.5d of sanding the wood and varnishing it, my arms felt so heavy as if they had been hanging below my knees....funny feeling when I truly pictured that ;). Anyway, another chore ticked of on our renovation to do list! :)

But Sunday afternoon my mom treated us for my birthday with a big big waffle bake! Fun fun fun and very yummie. And of course little Stef was in the center of attention again and he loved it!

Enjoying a nice sunny fall weekend

helping to feed the neighbour's ducks...or rather scaring them a hartattack and then flying back over the fence with some help.
playing with the fallen leaves
hunting for the neighbourhood cats who already have learned to stay away!


What adorable pictures! It sounds like a wonderful time.

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