A walk around the block

Jan convinced me to go out for a walk this weekend anyway and so I did and I enjoyed it. In the beginning my cold actually seemed to get better while walking so we extened our intended tour a little bit. Unfortunately now it's hitting back twice as hard to me :p.

But while doing the walk I grabbed my camera along since I still had to/wanted to answer's Carol's post where she tagged me to post some pictures what you see when you walk around the block in your area.

I could have filled this post full of historical magnificent fabulous buildings of Leuven, but we walked in the for outsiders maybe less known edge between Leuven and Heverlee towards the Abbey.

We have a nearby park with also some new business development, administration offices and a brand new very modern big sports centrum (swimming pools, climbing walls, fitness, basketball hall, ...). Very very handy to have it so closeby!

Railroads everywhere (incl the international Thalys high speed line Cologne - Brussels - Paris) and pedestrian railroad crossings

Some neighbourhood houses

'De Vesten' or the green space where the old medieval city walls used to be. Some parts are still visible as a clear green space with roads on both sides. The actual city center of Leuven is still a perfect circle because of those old city walls.

De Abdij van 't Park, an Norbertine abbey just around the block.
For more pictures of other walks, check out here a nearby castle or when we were showing Lisa around in and around Leuven.
Whoever feels like playing along, just leave me a comment, so we know that you are playing!


Carol said…
Very nice! Isn't it cool how everyone's worlds are so different?!

This is so fascinating! I think I'll have to take up Carol's challenge, too. I love the buildings around you.

I hope you're feeling better! My son has a cold, too, and I've got something as well...
Okay, I was just over on Carol's blog and part of her food discussion - my son's favorite thing when we visited Amsterdam and my German daughter in Warendorf were BELGIAN fries with mayo - there was a stand near our hotel in Amsterdam. At first I couldn't get him to try them (they were faves of my German daughter) and then I couldn't get him to stop eating them, lol.

My DH's family is Scottish and when he and I visited Scotland we had to have haggis. I do NOT share your love of that, lol. I had to have a couple of fingers of single malt to get it down and my DH thinks it's an excuse to NEED to drink whisky.
It looks absolutely beautiful!
Goofball said…
well glad you all like it...Next time you guys travel to Europe, be sure to hop by and you'll find yourself a local tourguide!

Here's the sportscenter by night:
anno said…
beautiful pictures! And, um, count me as a major fan of Belgian fries with mayo... especially tarragon mayonnaise.

Hope you're feeling better!
Dear Ellen - your neighbourhood looks beautiful!!!
Hugs & much love! FelicityXXX

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