Wordgames for rice

If in the coming weeks my English begins to become more qualitative , the reason might be that I am no longer a 'novice' in the game www.freerice.com. If you read this post, it is truly 'compulsary' to click through to there . The game is very applicable because of the sponsor's generosity, however the succesrate is dependable of you all. Common, come and help the world become more 'prosperous'. So let's 'commence'

so what the hell am I talking about: Freerice.com is an online English vocabulary game with multiple choice. It adjusts the level to your response level. For each correct answer, the sponsors donate 10 grains of rice to the UN Food program. So it is a bit like the hungersite, but much more fun.

Pretty cool huh? So which levels are you all reaching?


Luisa Perkins said…
Sounds like a fun game!

Thanks for your recent comments on my blog. I would really appreciate your help. The word 'holly' means 'hulst' in Dutch, so if you can help me with the rest of it, I'd be so grateful. FYI, "The Holly Place" is a name of a house/estate. Please email me when it is convenient.
This is great, mind If I pass the link along?

anno said…
This is a fun game, highly addictive. Loved your post about it!
Niels said…
Fun game, rather addictive.
So I had to play until I reached a reasonable level, which in this case was 38. Not bad for a Dutchie, or are there like a gazillion levels or something ;)

Like your blog & your musings btw!

Goofball said…
Hey Niels! Wat een verrassing om je hier in mijn comments terug te vinden. Supertof man :).

Bedankt voor je complimentje en blijf dan maar komen eh...wel pech dat je me nu niet kunt plagen met mijn 'Vlaams' eh.
I love this game, as you know! I'm glad you're passing it along!

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