Thanks Belgacom for first having a network outage in the 02 Brussels area in the morning where one of our distribution centers and one brewery could not be accessed anymore via the network. But apparently then you were only practising for the bigger work : an interruption in (all?) your international datalines during a couple of hours in the afternoon .

It sure makes a day more interesting if you cannot access the servers but you need to continue your operations. It was on my agenda to test my contingency plan this week and update it. But I had more a dry run in my mind, not a real test. I know which procedures to update now, so no need to do that over again!


Jen said…
Okay, Ellen, you totally lost me here. ;-)
anno said…
So, you made some progress, despite the outages?

I'm not a big believer in astrology, but mercury retrogrades (which we just entered) always worry me: computers & communications fail, appliances break, unexpected arguments arise. Around here, we just lost a phone line today, & my husband's PC failed.
Lesley said…
I love your new pic - I almost didn't recognize you at Jenn's site. Very nice indeed!

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