ooooooooooooooh it's that bi-annual time again: the Flemish Eurosong preselections have started. Yihaaa bring them on:
  • the kitch,
  • the ballads,
  • the novices still singing out of tune,
  • the flashy dresses,
  • the harsh jury critics and their adorations
  • the hyperactive enthousiasm of Bart Peeters
  • the gossips that will appear in the media soon
  • ...

I love Eurosong. I do. Great to spend a Sunday evening brainless searching for our own personal favorites. So what did tonight bring?

=> a very stereotype Eurovision song contest song mixing Celtic and Eastern influences into one big melting-pot. Lots of calculation has been happening here, but I kinda liked it.
=> 2 teenagers bringing a pop-song with contageous enthousiasm
=> Brahim bringing a good soul song. Very weird experience to see him without head though!
=> a gothic song missing the rock and being terribly out of tune. Why on earth is Katrina such a fan of her?
=> an SM act with electro-pop that certainly would draw attention and that much to my surprise doesn't sound to bad (despite my dislike for Betty). Funny kitch!

Hmm I voted for the last :p

PS: Eurosong is hot already in blogging land. Here's the impressions from Kerygma and Michel Vuylsteke.


Jen said…
Our Swedish daughter and her boyfriend were staying with us during Eurovision last year and we spent many hours listening, voting, etc. It's great fun!
blah said…
That is a Belgian institution!!

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