Saturday evening I went to a concert from Hans (Van Cauwenberghe) in Temse together with my sister and our men. Luckily she had reserved our tickets as the amazing turnout of more than 30 people made the little polyvalent hall in the youth center almost a bit crowded :p.

But it was really fun concert though. The small crowd allowed Hans to interact well with his audience and created a houseroom atmosphere as if he was playing especially for us. Dutch songs full of feeling with a lot of attention to the accoustic music and with a lot of humor. We even got treated with slices of homecooked pizza that got distributed all along. Incredible!
But Hans always gives me a bit the feeling that he plays specifically for us as he always seems so truthfully happy to see us there. Either he's a great actor (which he is of course) or he sincerely is happy to have us in the audience. He even signed our CD's with a "to my neighbour girl" as he traditionally names us after all those years. When his band had to sign as well, they wondered how many neighbour girls he had in the audience...just 2 as a matter of fact on Saturday :-).

It's not like I've know Hans that well, as with 13 years in age difference he was studying for his exams while I was playing with my dolls in front of his house. I've seen him acting a banana in the garden while I was lurking through the window and I crossed him multiple times in the neighbourhood marching with big moves on bare feet on the middle of the street while studying his roles by heart. Did I already mention that he cultivates a healthy level of insanity??

Even though he's not quite a 'BV' (famous Flemish), I was quite proud to see him act for years in one of the most popular tv soaps on tv, ...as if I have any contribution in his career. It's cool to say to your friends in school that this actor is your former neighbour.
And while I pretend here to be his biggest fan ever, I must in all honestly admit that we hadn't seen him performing in years except occasionally on tv. But now that he started up a new band under his own name Hans and he came to play in my sister's town...we just had to go.

It is getting more and more confusing for me though as I see flashes of his dad while he's performing. It switches back and forth from his dad to himself...which is absurd since I've never seen his dad perform like that at all. Funny how people can look physically so much like their parents.

I can recommend the tour! Next Tuesday is the cultural center in Bierbeek the place to be! Check it out.


Jen said…
It sounds like it was a great time! I could use a good concert.

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