What I could have blogged about last week

So I was a bit quiet last week because my energy levels were pretty low. Each night I went to bed early, got a good night, got up refreshed....but by the time I got home again in the evening I felt dead tired again. The days simply seemed too long and besides work, not much other activities were happening.

So you missed potential blog posts about :

  • A very cosy cheese fondue evening with my cousin visiting us.
  • A system user at work being so frustrated that her computer frooze again and took it out at me and threw down her phone receiver in the middle of the conversation....after which I felt pretty angry and went over to her desk to tell her not to react so childish when I was trying to help her. ...after which I still remained pretty pissed off for another while nevertheless.
  • the time that I walked to the coffeemachine at work in the late afternoon and heard a lot of water falling in the men's bathrooms and saw water starting to flow into the hallway. Nice to find out at time or I might have arrived the next morning at a flooded desk :p.
  • the frustration that cleaning new windows takes much much longer than anticipated and also the joy of having 'clean' new windows.
  • the fact that I am still reading after Jan 10 in "the road to Mecca'. We've been already through Andalusia, Marocco, Algeria and Libia.
  • the second episode of Spam wasn't as funny as last week. Maybe it was due that I wasn't so dead tired anymore as the previous week and therefore not so giggly about everything.
  • Jan has baked terrific Greek olive bread sandwiches. Mmmmm. I want more of them!
  • ...


Jen said…
I hope you're not coming down with something. Your colleague threw a phone at you??? That's awful. I hope the fondue evening helped make up for it.

And in terms of your other post, I'd take Carlsberg over Heineken, but just because I'm not a huge fan of Heineken.

And in terms of your question about "those" states - your guess is as good as mine - our electoral system is just broken right now!
anno said…
That fondue sounds awfully tasty, as do those Greek olive bread sandwiches... and... your colleague threw a phone at you? Now there's a story worth blogging about!

Enjoy your new windows, and the pleasure of a book that takes a while to read -- why be eager for a good thing to end? Hope you're staying warm!
blah said…
Dear E. sounds like its been an interesting week for you my love - cross collegues - Not good - bad computer , BAD computer!!!

OOo by the way - send me Jan's olive bread receipe!!!

Wholly Burble said…
My goodness, you have a ton of stored up blog bits--you could take off on any of them LOL.

Fondue sounded tempting--and I'm willing to give bread a try. Great, now I'm hungry . . .

Hope things are looking up this week.

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