• I woke up with a slightly soar throat ,
  • I waited an hour for the window firm to come by for a final control, only to find out that they had cancelled the day before on jan's voicemail which we didn't hear,
  • I came at work with my dry throat to find out that all the coffee machines were out of order...because there was once again a unannounced water outage (the plumbing problems in the office become really tiring!).
  • I couldn't do the planned work since I had to investigate some newly discovered bugs in our supplier's software.
  • I didn't digest my lunch very easily.

Blèeeh, not a good start of the day. If I would have had the guts, I would have returned home to crawl into bed... but I am not enough a rebel to do so. Damn, I have to get rid of that sense of duty one day.

Oh well, in the afternoon all stabelised (throat and cramps) or got better (water again in the office). My evening at choir rehearsal was good. And now I am off to bed. Zzzzzz, tired.


anno said…
Oh, dear, I hope a good night's sleep sets you to rights and that tomorrow is a better day.
Jenn said…
Damn winter, we are struggling with little colds too...

Feel better! I'm sorry it was a hard day.
Luisa Perkins said…
What are you singing in your choir right now? And what part do you sing?

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