Eurosong III

Last week I missed the live broadcast of Eurosong, because we were out for dinner, but tonight I am back in the sofa.

In the mean time I did see last week's recording and Jan is totally totally crazy about the winning group Ishtar. Well it sure sticks out, its original and it sticks in our mind forever. Jan has been whistling it all week, so I hope a little bit he'll get a new song that sticks. It even inspired him to post again on his own blog after 6 months of silence!!! Go and listen to this catchy catchy song which we might send to the Eurovisionsong contest. Check it out, it's hilarious!

So what's up tonight?

  • Ellis-T: yuck yuck yuck. Fluoriscent yellow and pink outfits? And it was totally out of tune! Please go to the junior eurovision song contest, you still belong there. They might like your dance music.

    why on earth is Katrina (of the Waves) always positive on everything. Can't she give criticism when she is supposed to?
  • Tabitha Cyon: is she wearing a blue 70ies judo outfit???
    Oh it's a gospel song. Very good strong voice but a very cheesy song. Although it has something happy contageous though. the jury says "up with people" atmosphere. I like Up With People as a matter of fact. But I can't keep their songs apart as they all sound the same ;)
  • Di bono: hmmm could be interesting, what does a Belgian well-known rockband in a competition like this?
    The song is ok, but this style is not kitch enough to send to a eurovisionsongcontest I fear. Lordi was rock, but Lordi was kitch as well. Not sure if this could work.
    Mr Di Bono your pitch is not always 100% correct either though!
  • Nelson Moraïs....Oh you remind me of your sister a couple of years ago. She had a really fun catchy song which I liked! .....

    oh yuck a cheesy ballad at the piano. "yeaaaa-aaaah" "wooooo-ooo"....Yawn yawn yawn zzzzz. I hate this type of songs. Please get your sister back for some tropical swinging songs.
    Obviously Miss Positivo Katrina loves it again. Why do we even let her talk still?
  • Geena Lisa: oh Yves Barbieux from Urban Trad has been writing along...I feel more positive about what is to come already...aaah there's his folky sound.
    heh, what is this? this looks like a mixture of last year's British stewerdess song that was a total flop, a Janet Jackson video clip and a showbusiness dancers group opening a show without any enthousiasm.
    Her voice doesn't come out well enough.

Pff tonight is harder to say who I want to win than who I don't want to win. I am almost tempted to say Tabitha or Di bono. Pffffff the winner should not come from this preselection!


Interesting to get your reactions to this. It was fun watching the Ishtar video.
anno said…
Whoa! Now I think I understand how you felt when you read the Austen quiz. I'm off to look at some videos and educate myself!
Wholly Burble said…
You're really "into" it, I can tell--I think I got lost as I don't know any of these people--but I got the sense of it LOL.

Went over to your hubby's site and listened to the song--I can see where it would stay in your head--it was fun.
Jenn in Holland said…
Eurosong contest
this is a yearly event
I don't understand.

I just have to say
with all this comment haiku
My brain is now mush
Goofball said…
@all non Belgians: don't worry, these are no famous stars that you are supposed to know. half of the contestants shouldn't be even on tv those 3 minutes.
I simply enjoy myself commenting live while watching :p

this is still the Belgian preselection though to find a contestant for Belgium in May. these preselections still go on another month ;)

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