Eurosong semifinal I

I told you that Eurosong generates the necessary gossip and discussions etc...This week the Serbian embassy complained that this Belgian Eurosong show would show a negative image of the Serbian people because there were some actresses playing "Serbs" drinking lots of vodka etc etc... Our national tv station had to appologise. Hmm funny that the Serbian embassy had time and energy to react on something like that. You'd think they'd be too busy with the declarance of independence in Kosovo and our government accepting that independence. But Eurosong seems to be important for them too :p.

Anyway tonight is the first semifinal... in 3 week we'll know who will represent Belgium in the Eurovision song contest. The good thing about semifinals is that all the horrible failures have been kicked out already. And other songs that seemed alright, now look pale and weak next to the others. Our vote is for the rock band the Paranoiacs. No cheesy predictable calculated flowerly songs for us, but an energy bomb.


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