Haiku buckaroo

You might have noticed that Jenn in Holland has recently left some comments on my posts in haiku style. That's because she takes part in a haiku blogging contest and I challenged her to leave some haiku comments. She's really not afraid of a challenge.

But it felt a bit contageous and tonight is the contest deadline. Just in time.

I should be working
but making up a haiku
is so much more fun
Chores remain waiting
while I'm counting syllables
I'm stung by the bug
The deadline is close
but I am gonna make it
my post is ready

Buttons are sprouting
spring is around the corner
my heart jumps a beat

An itchy pimple
in an embarrasing spot
damn so annoying
Bubbles rise with ease
while floating above the reef
deep under the sea
Weightless scuba gear
opens up a brand new world
to be discover'd
Yellow daffodils
witnesses of past warm days
silent in the fog
Rotting hairy fruit
leaks sticky juice in drawer
I must clean fridge
Do you get stung by the haiku virus as well? Be sure to participate in Leslee's great competition over here. The rumour goes there's great prices ;-).


Great poems! I'm sure it's going to be stiff competition.
Jenn in Holland said…
Ah! These are brilliant! I especially love the one about the daffodils out of the fog...
so lovely and so very true.
Silly weather.
Sheryl said…
Very, Very good!
anno said…
These are marvellous!
I can't pick a favorite
You: Haiku Master!
Alex Elliot said…
I thought those were good! I particularly liked the one about the zit.
Lilacspecs said…
Darn I totally forgot to enter. But yes indeed, now and then I do enjoy creating a good haiku. Or a limerick. Those are fun too.
Leslie said…
I'm so glad you entered!

(P.S. You're a category finalist!)
Fourier Analyst said…
How cool! I voted on your fridge haiku without realising it was yours! Very evocative and gross!! Hope you win something!!
Oh! I voted for your daffodil poem and didn't even know it was yours. These are wonderful haikus. I loved the fridge one, too, and the scuba poem.

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