Haiku Buckeroo finalist

Last week was so busy, so tiring, so emotional....so I just haven't had a chance to let you all know that I am twice a category finalist in the haiku contest. 2 of my haikus are selected as finalist:

Yellow daffodils
witnesses of past warm days
silent in the fog

=> finalist in 'evocative' category

Rotting hairy fruit
leaks sticky juice in drawer
I must clean fridge

=> finalist in 'most disgusting' category.

If you want to cast a vote for these...or for one of the many other splendig haikus in the multiple categories, go over here!


anno said…
Even being a finalist is a big deal -- congratulations!
Opps my Flemish is rotten I just wrote this long comment and clicked voorbeeld

and then wondered why it appeared in a yellow box.

Then I did the just voted for you and the box disappeared along with my comment!
Anyway the gist is
thank you for lettting me know about the the (.)
and LOVE YOU (well that's the intended gist of all my comments that I leave here in your blog:-)
Lilacspecs said…
I think I voted yours for the gross haiku already and didn't even know it was yours. Haha, good luck to you!
Jenn in Holland said…
You have such a great gift for the haiku! I am so impressed with your work. I told you before I especially love the daffodils image. It's again true of our weather today!
And the rotting fridge one is totally hilarious! (and again so true of my fridge, but I don't want to look!)
Fourier Analyst said…
I voted for your fridge haiku before I realised it was you!! You do have a way with words Darlin' and that's even more impressive realising that English is not your first language!

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