Krakelingen in Geraardsbergen

One of my good friends invited us over today to go and watch the traditional yearly folkloristic parade and the throwing of the 'krakelingen' (some local donut sized breads) and the drinking of fishes in her town.

Since centuries they celebrate the start of spring with a (Celtic ?) rite where the town's politicians drink a bowl in which tiny living fish swim. This always catches the attention of the press and often of animal activists. Nevertheless the tradition continues to exist.

This is preceded by a folkloristic parade evocating the city's history and it is followed by throwing 10000 'krakelingen' to the people. Apparently this is attributed to a legend when the city would have been strangled under siege and they successfully would have bluffed the ennemy that they still had an abundance of food by throwing all their bread over the city walls.

Anyway, it was an interesting and fun afternoon :). We didn't stay for a fire ceremony in the evening though.

Marching bands

The history of a local convent

A fire-eater and clowns dancing around snowmen to inaugurate the coming spring

Some "druids" showing the bowls with fish to the crowd

The throwing of the 'krakelingen'

Our catch of the day


It looks like great fun! We went out for a bit, too. But we didn't do anything as exciting as drinking fish or throwing donuts! ;-)
Carol said…
Ph, now THAT is what I call a fun day -- except I probably would have eaten the donuts! Loved the photos!

Jenn in Holland said…
What a blast!
(I am joining in with the vote to EAT the donuts. EAT THEM, I say!)
Goofball said…
@Carol and JIH: good luck with eating them. They might look like donuts but were hard as a rock. I didn't risk my teeth on them. I even ducked when one came flying towards my head...which didn't help me in catching them ;).

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