No Record

Dear accreditors of the Guinness Book of Records,

I recently started fearing that my car could get nominated for the world record of 'dirtiest car'. I must in all honestly admit that I have neglected the task of washing the car in the last months.

I wanted to inform your administrators that I have taken action today and have visited a car wash. When you are planning your future agenda and send out your accreditors to control some world records, you do not longer need to come by to check out my car. I can confirm with some pride that it no longer deserves a nomination in the category of 'dirtiest car' .

Yours sincerely,



Jenn in Holland said…
Oh, dang! I was ready to come write "WASH ME" on the back!

Very funny goofball! Very funny.
Fourier Analyst said…
Dear Ms. Goofball,
Thank you for informing us about the removal of your car from our control list. As it was in our plans to make our official surprise accreditation visit sometime in the coming 2 weeks, we are grateful that we are spared the unnecessary trip. This does give us the chance to check on "surly neighbor living in France" who has now moved up the list.

By the way, can you confirm if your under-the-stairs closet is still in the running for "Most disorganization in the smallest available space" category?

Sincere Regards

Guiness B.o.R. Accreditor Committee
Okay, so I went out tonight with two friends and of the three of us, two had had mice in the car! (We found one in a parking lot, running into our engine but never saw him again) and my other friend apparently had her mouse there over time.

That's gotta be a record for something!

So, what is your next attempt going to be?
Goofball said…
@JIH: too late. Actually there was a circle on it a couple of months ago, but that was almost faded away already ;)

@FA: you are so hilarious. Dang, do you have hidden camera's in my basement :p? I think you need to come and make an accreditation visit :) to double check.

@Jen in MI: a colleague just told this story this morning. His car was suffering for weeks that its alarm just went off arbitrarily when the car was locked. They searched and searched until it was discovered that some cables had been nibbled on presumably by mice or rats, giving weird effects. So better be carefull with mice running into the engine!
anno said…
My car, however, is still a contender...
Jenn said…
Hehe, yet another reason I don't miss having a car - the whole cleaning it part.

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