Popular uncle Jan

Last weekend was a very family oriented weekend:
  • Saturday evening Jan's brother came over for dinner with his family.

  • On Sunday we were at my parents for lunch where my sister and her family was as well.

  • In the afternoon I went to see my uncle/godfather as I hadn't been there to wish them a happy New Year yet.

  • On Sunday evening we went over for dinner at Jan's sister!

Luckily Belgium is a small country and our family lives all relatively close to each other so we could combine a lot of visits on one day. It was fun to see all our little nieces and our little nephew in the same weekend. They are so cute!

Upon arrival at my parents place, the others were already at the table, but little Stef had saved us 2 cheesecubes as appetizer which we had to eat first. You have to know that he'd kill for cheesecubes :). And Rénee taught us how to eat "ghost chips". Mmmm.

When Luisa had to leave with her parents to go home on Saturday, she wanted to stay with us in our home. While she was sitting on my lap, Jan joked that if she stayed in our house, he had no more bed to sleep in so he'd go home with her parents to sleep in her bed. Oh oh, that was not a plan she agreed with.....
"No no, Uncle Jan stay here, auntie Ellen go and sleep in my bed. I'll stay here with Uncle Jan"
Haha, children are so bloody honest :p. And there is no doubt who is the most popular relative for them :)

Luisa having fun with her uncle Jan


Oh my goodness - she is ADORABLE! What a smile!
anno said…
Just darling! Sounds like a wonderful visit.

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