A spring walk and lots of books

A nasty cold and a restless night isn't too bad if your agenda for the weekend is totally empty. If necessary we can stay both the entire weekend on the sofa. But the sun was doing so much effort to invite us both outside and we couldn't resist.

With a package of paper tissues in each pocket and a throat pastille in our mouth, we were both ready to go and to walk through the field roads behind our house towards the "Brabanthal" . The boekenfestijn, a yearly book fair was taking place there this weekend.

The walk there was fantastic in the sun (in Brussels it got almost 17C today which is a record for a Feb 9th) and we were certainly not the only ones out there walking or biking.

After the good exercises, we continued our walk among the long tables full of books. After a couple of hours we were a few packages of tissues lighter, 60 € poorer but...we had 16 new books! Woohoo what a deal. You can't by at the boekenfestijn the latest hottest books, but more end of series etc, but who can complain in a huge hall full of books?
Our catch of the day includes multiple comic strips, a soup cooking book, a yoga instructions book, a wine dictionnary, a child stories book, 2 thrillers by Michael Connelly and 2 by Ian Rankin, "The nannies diaries" and "The last templar". I am so thrilled!

And the walk back home was tiring, but just as beautiful.

And now we are on the sofa with our tired feet up, our stomac full of Chinese delivery and tissues and coughing pastilles withing hand reach and the dvd with Eurosong of last week on and the new books withing reach.

Ahh life can be great, even with a cold!


Fourier Analyst said…
Wasn't the weather great today? Amazing after last weekend!! If your ears were burning then with reason...you were being talked about! SMID and JennIH surprised me bigtime! If we had not been having entirely too much fun we might have come to see you. But Jenn & I will save that for another day soon!!

Don't you love book markets(sigh)? but where to put them when they have made it out of the pile next to the bed?

Hope you are both feeling better soon!
Oh, it sounds like a perfect day. And I hope you both feel all better, soon!
anno said…
Sigh. This sounds so lovely (except for the sniffles and sore throats, of course). I hope you are both feeling better soon!
Allie said…
Sigh .... I wish that I were there right now rather than the deep freeze that we are experiencing again.

I love Spring .....
Jenn in Holland said…
Well, I got the hint
and can only say as for me
I am just kinda lame

Your photos are great
I love to see what you see
down in Bel-gee-um

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