Super Tuesday

Let's hope this becomes a true super Tuesday for the USA with a great turn-out of voters and a victory for inspirational leaders with good pragmatic plans rather than a lot of blablablaa.

...the world is watching ;)


Dear E. I hope this post gets the eye of the Washington Post!!! :-)
Sheryl said…
Wow that was super diplomatic and non-partisan of you! Does the rest of the world really care about American politics?
Hi Goofball,
I responded to your questions on my blog. But I agree with you ABSOLUTELY that substance is the main thing. A little hope for the U.S. after seven years of the evil dictator isn't a bad thing, either, though. ;-)
anno said…
Lilacspecs said…
Thanks for the comment over at my place. I like the black coat better too, I was just paranoid about the rain. I have an umbrella and carry it in my pocket.

And thanks for your perspective on the election. All I know is that almost anything will be better than where we are now politically.

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