Mumbai attacks

When fun exotic vacation memories have mutated themselves in an explosive nightmare at boiling point in the late night feel a big nod in your stomac.

Victoria Terminus looks like this at the moment

The magnificent Taj Hotel at India Gate is currently the scene of fire, explosions and hostages.

Shit!! What's going on?


Jen said…
It's very frightening.
anno said…
It is horrifying -- does Jan still travel there?
Goofball said…
@anno: He hasn't been there since last spring when he went to India twice for 2 weeks in 6 weeks time. He has no trips scheduled right now, but sometimes that changes quickly depending on the running projects.

Other colleagues go much more up and down so the news that the terrorists targetted British citizens fell heavy in the (London) office!

The Mumbai call center/office was/is? unmanned so it also caused extra work rerouting calls and work. But nobody was affected personally there.

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