what I'd like to know tonight

Is there any American family gathering tonight around the table to celebrate Thanksgiving
....and not serving turkey at the meal?

I'm just curious. If you're out there....leave a comment

Anyway, whatever is on the menu, I wish you all a good time with your family. Enjoy!


Jen said…
A friend of mine is having prime rib with her family - they all hate turkey.
anno said…
We tried grilled pheasant one year, and everyone liked it, but we all agreed that it didn't seem like Thanksgiving without the turkey. So much for innovation.
Betsy said…
I served turkey to M and the kids, but ate Quorn myself. Does that count? ;-)
Snooker said…
My father's family (step-mom and kids) have "Low down country boil" for Thanksgiving every year. It is most basically a soup with crabs, shrimp, sausage, peppers and lots of spices. It is Cajun food even though the family is not Cajun.

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