A bowling night out with random bonus points

We celebrated a friend's birthday yesterday with a stone grill dinner out and a few bowling games. Clearly we were not the only ones with that idea as in our section of the restaurant, all but one table had the lights turned off with the waiters serving some fireworks desert accompagnied with loud "happy birthday" music. That poor one table must have really felt left out!!

The bowling was a bit confusing.....apparently the rules must have been changed without our knowledge as we were quite surprised to see that rolling the bowl in the gutter could give you zero, one or two points. Also the other points seemed a bit at random sometimes. We must have been getting bonuspoints for good behavior, perseverence in gutter bowling, style or something else but we've never really figured out what was going on. Thank goodness we were not taking the points competition too seriously.


Lilacspecs said…
Yeah, you guys definitely seem to dig bowling over here. Looks like a fun night.

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