I was lucky yesterday...

  • ....that although the mojito's weren't as good in Villa Ernesto as on the Old Market in Leuven, the company was as good :)
  • ....that although I tripped down from the sidewalk border in a very awkward way (and that was before I had the mojito's!!), I was able to walk back home.
  • ....that although the pain in my anckle kept me awake part of the night and although I had to think of Carol's little slip all the time, it only turns out to be (lightly?) sprained.
  • ....that wearing my hiking boots with firm anckle support, reminds me of vacation.


rozebril said…
Merci voor het leuke gezelschap hè!
Ick, so sorry, Goofball, but as you said, thank goodness it was nothing like Carol's injury.
Carol said…
Ahhh, but there's a silver lining, even to my injury! Ha ha! (http://northwestladybug.blogspot.com/2009/02/how-being-broken-has-mended-me.html)

Glad you're OK!


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