A late happy new year

2009 is the first year that I can't go to my godparents anymore to wish them a happy new year. But 2009 is also the first year that Jan's godchild Léon could come to visit us for the new year. He's a bit too young to read a new year's letter and he had to go to bed really early but he was adorably cute nevertheless.
And Luisa had just turned 4 as well, so reason enough to distribute some more presents :).

And the chef in the house had made an excellent meal with sausage/black pudding& apple appetizers, fresh asparagus soup, duck breast slices with selery mashed potatoes, fresh red cabbage, potato gratin and a apple/butter mousse and raspberry cake as desert. Mmm

Ah what an excellent family Valentine's evening :)


Virtualsprite said…
Sounds like a wonderful evening. I love the gift tower. :-)
Jenn said…
My mouth is watering at all that food.

anno said…
Adorable pictures! And, oh my gosh, that meal sounds delicious! A wonderful celebration!

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