My weekend in bullets

  • If you google symptoms you are feeling in order to try to make a self-diagonisis, you surely feel more sick after reading the potential diseases.
  • It's worthwile to dig up your nasal spray if you have since weeks a sore/sour throat each morning when waking up and if you have a slight headache that remains for days and if you feel a pressure on your eyes......even if you have no (other) symptoms of a cold.
    I seem to suffer from clogged up sinusses without a runny or blocked nose (except probably at night when snot must be going to my throat), but I sure love my nasal spray now!
  • Bikini's and swimming shorts on the wall are nice decoration on a dive club party
  • It's quite easy to be on bar service according to the planning 2 hours before the guests arrive. Man stress stress stress. I love the guy who made that planning ;).
  • To counter balance that heavy task I also had a washing dishes shift though after the people had eaten. The pots and pans from the local scouts were quite gross when we borrowed them...they sure got it back cleaner.
  • The cocktails were good! Mmm.
  • I loved my lazy Sunday!
  • It's the last episode from "De smaak van de Keyser" tonight. I had to get used to this story full of flashbacks but I learned to like it. Not as funny and entertaining as "Van Vlees en Bloed" which is currently the most brilliant fiction series on tv, but very intriguing after all. I'm off to watch tv!


Alex Elliot said…
I have to say that nasal spray may want to be one of those items that no one ever wants to talk about owning, but it really works well!

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