Some more haikus

A cold sunny day
warms my heart through the window
softening winter


A tv program
full of dangerous species
makes me quite anxious
it seems a wonder
that people are alive still
in Australia
A new tourist guide
brings dreams for our vacation
while turning pages

Heavy eye lids drop
Sounds around me fade away
I am dozing offfff

There's a new Haiku Buckaroo contest going on at MyMommy's place. Be sure to check out the other contestants!


Ali said…
Well done! It's funny, I know many people from o/s who think they would be scared witless to live here but really, when you're here you never give it a second thought!
That last one captures that feeling nicely!
Jenn said…
Very well done.

Where are you dreaming of going?

Leslie said…
I love the first one. We're having a day like that here today. It's perfect.

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