Thursday 12th

Clogged sinusses
and a painful throat to start
this great new day

A mocking layer
crispy ice on windshield
when rushing outside
Traffic jams everywhere
prevent me from being on time
in early meetings

that turn out to be
cancelled despite my rushing.
I could have slept in.

I find a clean cup,
the machine fills it too much
and spills the hot coffee.

Whimsical servers
don't always show logon screens:
the users complain.

what is the problem?
the supplier has no clue,
it's a mystery.

Too late to order
my sandwich, the cantine food
gives me bowel cramps.

Friday the thirteenth
has come too early this year.
Is it over yet?

It’s time again for Haiku Buckaroo episode IV, hosted over at My Mommy’s Place. If you feel the 5-7-5 rhythm as well, feel free to join this great contest with cool prices to win.
Post your haiku on your blog. Be sure to mention this contest and link back to My Mommy's Place.


Lilacspecs said…
I enjoy your narrative via haiku but I'm sorry you had a bleh day.
Leslie said…
Sounds like a rough day, but it turned into a great haiku. I'm so glad you entered the contest!

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