Friday the 13th

  • I found an e-mail in my mailbox this morning with very very good news (more about that in a later post)
  • My hair brushed just the way I wanted
  • I had a meeting in the "chalet" (the most impopular meeting rooms in some side building) that thanks to the nice spring weather for once had a enjoyable temperature and I really enjoyed the view on the horses again and the view on a chasing cat outside....those are moments I truly enjoy not working in the city centre of Brussels anymore.

  • I was quite amused when I noticed paper flyers that had landed on the lights....(hmm when would that have happened I kept wondering)

  • My software tests were going ok
  • We made progress in the wedding planning


rozebril said…
Dat 2e puntje: ik wou dat dat mij ook eens overkwam!

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