He's such a comedian

Since Thursday my voice is hoarse and I have to restrict myself to only whisper the most urgent things as concise as possible in order not to force my voice any more.

Jan doesn't need much more to joke around and to chuckle constantly:
  • "oh did you just come in, I didn't hear you"
  • (when I am clearly not saying anything) "what did you just say?"
  • "maybe we should go to the karaoke tonight"
  • "shout if you need anything"
  • "so why don't you tell me about ...."
  • "everything ok, you are so quiet?"
  • ....


Betsy said…
heh heh. I think Jan and I would get along very well... :-)
anno said…
Oh, gosh, I've been married to one just like him for 20 years. At least you've been forewarned...
Kate said…
Hee Hee.. I have to say I do like your man!! He's a funny guy!
Allie said…
Uh huh ... I can just see/hear it all now. He is a smarty pants and trouble for sure. :P

Hope you are feeling better soon! Couldn't he like whip some soothing food up for you and anticipate your every need?

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