How I picture the city of London

  • Busy roads full of grey monumental big boring buildings

  • Posh neighbourhoods with gorgeous houses

  • Different neighbourhoods full of little stores, coffeeshops, snackbars, bars, browse and to enjoy

  • Stretched out beautiful parks

  • Playful but arrogant squirrels

  • Just around the corner of some of the most busy roads, you find back alleys, mews and quiet little squares.

  • Pubs with excellent traditional pub food

  • The best museums with free admission! (and with very tempting expensive expositions ;) )

  • Fashionable people that is usually one or 2 years ahead of Belgium. (although this time they seemed to have been stuck in the ultra skinny jeans and leggings with long baggy sweaters/T-shirts & big belt whereas Belgium is already giving up the skinny jeans? Or don't we?....The long shirts do merge into a trend of ultra mini skirts though which is probably coming across the channel soon. )

  • The tube with escalators full of musical publicity
  • Porridge as breakfast, a exquis quick Thai lunch, an extensive Libanese dinner, the best Indian food, a pub food lunch, a big Chinatown, ...... The world's cuisine all within reach.

Yep those things mean London for me.


OH.... I so miss London!
anno said…
Oh, what a fabulous vacation! Lucky for you to have London so close by!
R. Duckie said…
I haven't even got around to buying any skinny jeans/leggings yet. Canada sometimes takes so long to catch up with the fashions that we miss them. Pointy shoes, for example, never happened. London looks like a great vacation , did you try any indian food? Maybe I should read the other posts first...
Lilacspecs said…
I've never been to London but I picture it as the lovechild of Oliver Twist and The Sex Pistols.
Goofball said…
@R. Duckie: Canada never got skinny jeans in the mid-nineties either although that was my dresscode at school: batik T-shirts, skinny jeans and big combat boots. When I arrived with my clothing in a Canadian highschool where the pants had to be as wide as possible, I got many remarks that my clothes were too small, etc...

No pointed tips but still wide pants, that's weird though???
Pointed tipped shoes go together with wide pants as the wide pants hide your shoe visibly and it makes you look very awkward as if you have no shoe. It'll make you look a lot smaller too. So pointed shoes always come with the fashion of wide pants.
The last 3 years we got rounded shorted tipped shoes again that are combined with the skinny pants. Combining huge pointed tip shoes with skinny jeans would make your feet look enormous.

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